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MARCOTULLIO ARREDI GROUP is a leading company, operating on the market for over 60 years, which acts as UNIQUE referent for the renovation and supply of materials and furniture, guaranteeing a certified saving both time wise and in economic terms.

In our Show Room is provided a MATERIALS LIBRARY in addition to an ATELIER of furniture, fabrics and accessories.

The renovation is followed in all its phases through the implementation of our proven and effective know-how, which guarantees realization and delivery times and certainty of the costs that are fixed in advance.

Our operative protocol foresees:

- preventive and accurate analysis of the renovation project, effected with technical inspections on site.

- Briefing between the client and our staff (architect and technicians) in order to fully understand and appreciate the customer’s needs and tastes and produce the  MOODBOARD that will represent his style.

- Realization of a three-dimensional project that, with the aid of VIRTUAL REALITY, allowing to preview the complete finished renovation work and to live a sensory experience through which the customer perceives realistically the actual  proportions and dimensions.

- Drafting of an accurate and complete quotation, including delivery date of the completed renovation, of the total costs and of the payment methods with the indication of eventual tax benefits granted.

- Execution of urban planning and energy paper work,

- Complete coordination of the building site with the constant presence of a dedicated architect, overseeing the correct execution of the works in compliance with the established time schedule.

-Final testing and drafting of the RENOVATION BOOK containing all the information on the materials used in the renovation, the photographic dossier of the technological plants, and a complete collection of all the urban planning documentation and all the certifications.

Our motto is: "If you believe that a professional is too expensive, it is because you have no idea of how much will cost you an incompetent at the end"


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