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The Abruzzo Mare e Monti real estate,   in order to verify their suitability to be regularly put on sale to make, on all properties prior to engagement and to sell by the owners, a technical / legal / commercial screening which includes the following activities control:

  • Inspection and commercial evaluation;
  • documentary cadastral technical checks;
  • desk checks on ownership;
  • urban planning documentation audits;
  • Check for any missing documentation and / or integrated for a proper release for sale of the property;
  • Issuing a report  technical and commercial advance.

The verification of documents listed above and the release of report presale, will serve to create the file property equipped and completed all necessary documentation to a correct placing on sale of the property. The documentation regarding the property can be found directly by the agent is, upon simple request, produced and delivered, at its economic burden, the property owner.

The cost of counseling

Depending on the complexity of documentary checks to be made, to prepare the file property , a fee of euro 150,00 consultancy bill prompted. Please note that in case of possible and actual sale of the property, the amount previously paid for counseling will be deducted from the brokerage fee.